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We love to hear from our customers, our mission is to make everyone happy. When it comes to our families we all like to be happy and you have the right. Whether you had a great or not so great experience we would like to hear about your visit to our location on 67th and Camelback. It’s our pleasure to continue to stride to accompany all of your expectations for a great meal! Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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4 Comments so far:

  1. It’s a great site for your restaurant, which is why I’m choosing it as a rain alternative for a group visiting Tolmachoff farms today. Kids have to eat 🙂

  2. A big thank you! We love it! Especially the new look
    Food is great! Very friendly staff! The owner is awesome. Keep up the great job

  3. Armando Punceles says:

    I’ve been eating at Palermo’s Pizza on 67th Ave and Camelback Ave for almost as many years as they have been at that location. Benny managed the business for his uncle and was the primary cook. Benny has many years of experience of running a pizza business in New York. The first time I tasted the pizza at Palermo’s it was like a time warp back to my days in Brooklyn, NY. That was New York pizza! When they changed hands a couple of years ago I feared that I was losing my New York style pizza. But Chris the new owner, was smart enough not to change a good thing and kept Benny on as the primary cook/manager. As the business grew they found the need to hire another cook/manager, and as luck would have it they hired Sadi, who has 25+ years running his own pizza business in New York. At Palermo’s the pizza is always New York style. What most people don’t realize is that they have a fine Italian restaurant as well. I don’t know why they play it down, but the food is authentic. If your idea of Italian is Pizza Hut or Peter Piper, you may not like Palermo’s. Because Palermo’s is authentic New York Italian! I know, I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and I know Italian! The help is always friendly and helpful. But be patient; they may be busy in the kitchen and may not notice you as soon as you walk in. Enjoy!

  4. Armando Punceles says:

    Yesterday Jason took my order for Palermo’s special of a large one topping pizza and twenty wings. The wings were meaty, juicy and done perfectly and the pizza was covered in pepperoni. Not only were the pizza and wings done perfectly and great tasting, but it was delivered in less time than I was quoted. I am one happy customer.

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